New album on it's way


New Tip Jar album on it's way! We've been recording in the wonderful Jumping Dog Studio with our friends Walt Wilkins, Bill Small, Ray Rodriguez & Corby Craig Schaub in Texas. We'll be back there next month to finish the album. In the meantime we received some beautiful contributions of Kim Deschamps, Harry Hendriks, Gilad Atzmon en BJ Baartmans. Still three more songs to write before next month...


Bijzonder concert Tip Jar

Tip Jar official video out now: Let Go


We are proud to present our 'Let Go' video, made by movie artist Matthieu Landweer. (


She knew in Roepaen


It's been quite busy lately. Tip Jar has played a lot, and at one of those concerts we were opening for Walt Wilkins in the beautiful venue of Roepaen. This song was filmed by someone in the audience (thank you Petra!). Tip Jar with Martijn de Win & Bill Small:


We loved De Cultuurboerderij!

Video of our concert in Roosendaal last Saturday

Mooie aanbeveling van Oor-recensent Hans van der Maas



One day home after a wonderful trip to Texas, where we played music with our dear friends, our new vinyl got delivered to our doorstep! We are happy and proud. If you would like a copy please see our little website shop.




We zijn lekker op stoom, na een aantal fijne concerten afgelopen weekend: vrijdag Live Stage Marnix te Ede, zaterdagmiddag live op Radio 2 vanuit Avro-Tros Muziek Café in Hilversum en zaterdagavond in het prachtige Van Gogh Kerkje in Nuenen. Aanstaande zondag sluiten we de maand af met een concert met de man met de mooiste countrystem van Nederland: Ruud Hermans.  We kijken uit naar maart, waarin we eerst Limburg onveilig maken (Poppodium Volt en Sounds Recordstore), op de valreep nog een concert doen op 't hippe oud-Philipsterrein Strijp S in Eindhoven, en vervolgens vertrekken naar Texas, voor weer nieuwe mooie avonturen, en om te spelen op de podia van onze helden. Wat te denken van Gruene Hall, waar mensen als Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash en  Loretta Lynn optraden. Of Luckenbach, podium voor grootheden als Willie Nelson en Waylon Jennings. We zijn blij en vereerd dat we met Tip Jar deze heilige grond mogen betreden. Verder kijken we er ontzettend naar uit muziek te maken met onze vrienden Walt & Tina Wilkins, en de uitgebreide Mystiquero-familie om hen heen. 'Moonflowers', de cd die Bart voor Tina Mitchell Wilkins produceerde (met Bart zelf op piano en op contrabas Dick Gimble, telg uit een vermaard muzikantengeslacht; zijn vader was de violist van Bob Wills) en die afgelopen december uit kwam, zal officieel ten doop worden gehouden in een tweetal concerten.


What we call our hippie song:


Bart de Win vocal, piano Arianne Knegt vocal Tonnie Ector double bass Arthur Lijten drums Harry Hendriks guitar, banjo, vocal Kim Deschamps dobro Bill Small vocal



Van Gogh Kerkje


Op 20 februari geeft Tip Jar een concert op een prachtige lokatie: het schilderachtige Van Gogh kerkje in het centrum van Nuenen. Het kleine, door Vincent van Gogh in olieverf vastgelegde kerkje is over de hele wereld bekend maar heeft zijn bijzondere en rustieke atmosfeer behouden. Het is de ideale plek voor een intiem concert. De muziek van Tip Jar, de band  rond multi-instrumentalist Bart de Win (vijftien jaar Vaste Man in de band van Gerard van Maasakkers) en zangeres Arianne Knegt, beweegt zich tussen folk, pop en americana, met hier en daar een jazzy randje. Eerlijke en pure muziek, waarin steeds het karakter van het liedje het uitgangspunt is.

Bart de Win: zang, piano, gitaar
Arianne Knegt: zang
Joost van Es: viool
Harry Hendriks: gitaar, banjo, zang

zaterdag 20 februari 2016
20.30 uur (open vanaf 20.00 uur)

Van Gogh Kerkje

Papenvoort 2a
Toegang € 15,- p.p.

Reserveringen via


Afslag Thunder Road

Compilation of the new songs

Merry Christmas & a happy new year!


We've had a wonderful year, in which our new album was recorded and released, and we were able to share our music with lots of people. We would like to thank our loved ones, our musician friends, everyone that came to our shows, listened to our music or supported live music in general. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a great 2016! Hope to see you next year! (Photo: Ronald Rietman)


Album van de week bij Johan Derksen!

Cd release concert December 18

The new single!


So, we are proud to present the first single from our new album 'Let Go'. It's called 'That's why', and it is some sort of tribute to Arianne's longlasting love for the music of Emmylou Harris, and Tip Jar's love for seventies countryrock in general. If you like it, please spread the word!

Photo by Mark Engelen, artwork by Das Buro


They've arrived...


The new Tip Jar albums just arrived! A big thank you to all the great musicians: Harry Hendriks, Joost van Es, Tonnie Ector, Arthur Lijten , Walt & Tina Wilkins, Bill Small and Kim Deschamps, our sound engineer & producer Eric van de Lest, Darius van Helfteren for mastering, and thank you for the beautiful artwork Mark Engelen Photography and Das Buro! 


Playing one of the new songs in SPAM last Sunday

Almost ready...

New album out soon!


We have been steadily working on our new record these past couple of months, even managed to get some vocals and guitar sounds from our Austin friends Walt and Tina Wilkins and Bill Small, while they were touring the Netherlands, and since yesterday we have all the mixes just the way we want them to be, thanks to our wonderful sound engineer Eric van de Lest. This coming week our cd will be mastered by the great Darius van Helfteren in Amsterdam, the beautiful artwork will be completed by the creative spirits of Das Buro in Rotterdam... and then it will only take a couple of days before we get the actual copies delivered to our home. That's all very exciting of course!

Meanwhile we played some really nice concerts too. Here's a picture of the band after the show last Friday night in Tilburg, made by photographer Kees Staps. From left to right: Harry Hendriks, Arianne Knegt, Bart de Win, Tonnie Ector & Joost van Es. For more concerts check our calendar page on this website.


Studio time!


We’re in the last weekend of the Summer holidays. Last week Arianne and me have been working on our new Tip Jar album. Eric van de Lest’s studio was the place to be for us. Harry Hendriks, Tonnie Ector, Joost van Es and Arthur Lijten played the new songs on guitar, bass, violin and drums. I’m happy. It’s always a joyful thing to hear and see real musical energy emerging out of a brain scrapbook. Tip Jar 2 will be released some time during the coming months. We’ll try to play as much as possible around the release date (and beyond). If you keep an eye on our website or our Facebook page we’ll make sure to give you all the relevant heads up.


Working on a new album!


We've been steadily working on new song material, and by now we're almost ready to go into the studio to record the second Tip Jar album. We're pretty excited about the new songs, some of which we already played during recent shows. In the last week of August we'll be recording in Eric van de Lest's sweet and cosy studio, together with our wonderful musician-friends Harry Hendriks, Arthur Lijten and Tonnie Ector. Can't wait! We'll keep you posted!


In 't AD:



We just came home from a wonderful two week tour through Texas together with our dear friends, The Mystiqueros. A lot of great memories, pictures (see photo page) and videos to store. But onward we go! Next Thursday (Ascension Day) we'll be playing at the Gulpener Bluegrass Festival in Utrecht. We are very proud to share a poster with the legendary Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver! It's going to be another day full of great music! Can't wait...



New recordings


Last friday Tip Jar, or more specifically Bart, Arianne, Eric van de Lest and Rinus Raaijmakers, traveled to the Audio Engineering Institute in Amsterdam, for a day of recording with some cool SAE students, on invitation of Loic Boisnard. We had great fun and managed to record three new Tip Jar songs. So... we're ready for more!


Tip Jar on the roll


During the next few months Tip Jar will do a couple of gigs in all parts of Holland and in between we will visit our friends in Austin, the Mystiquero family, to get some new inspiration, follow the music and see wonderful places all around Texas. In the meantime we are planning to take our music to a bigger part of Europe than the little chuck of soil we've been covering up till now. So plans are made to hit Germany, the UK and maybe Austria to see if there's a bunch of Americana lovers over there as well. We know they're there. They just have to find us, or vice versa. Next to bold plans like this we are still mailing, calling and texting to try to beef up our Dutch playlist. Our new website's online and Arianne's ukelele skills are gradually improving. In other words there is no way around us ;-) Hope to see you all soon!


Coffee Concert!



Happy New Year!


Happy new year everyone! May all your plans for the new year work out well! While we're working on some new material, we'd like to share with you a compilation of Tip Jar songs we played in De Amer on December 20th. Thanks to Roel Dokter for sending us a DVD from that show.


It's been a good year


Here we are, another year almost passed... A lot has happened. For instance, 2014 saw the beginning of Tip Jar. Our album Back Porch came out in the end of May, we went on a promotional tour during the summer months and the early fall, we were lucky to get great reviews, and we are currently working on some new songs. So who knows what next year will bring...? For now we're happy with the way things are, and are looking forward to 2015. We hope to see you there! Merry Christmas everybody, and all the best for the new year. May hopes & wishes come true for you! Here's a picture of a Christmas style Tip Jar (Photo: Ronald Rietman):


Four minute documentary...


When Tip Jar played in De Parel van Zuilen in Utrecht last month a local tv station asked permission to film part of our concert,  for a short item about a new music series programmed at this beautiful location by Tip Jar's great fiddle player Joost van Es. Of course we were happy to be featuring in this video.


Tip Jar unplugged


De Oude Remise in Bad Nieuweschans, in the north of the Netherlands, is a very special and beautiful music venue. It's not a small room, but yet it has a sweet intimacy and great acoustics. So after the concert we stepped down from the charming little stage and sang an unplugged version of the song 'Somewhere between', a tune written by Merle Haggard and made famous in the Netherlands and beyond by The Tumbleweeds featuring Ruud Hermans. It was filmed by someone in the audiende with a phone, so the technical quality may not be great, but the video seems to capture the warm and intimate atmosphere of the evening.


Tip Jar in Tros Muziekcafé, Radio 2


This Saturday we played two songs live on national radio for Tros Muziekcafé, a live music show featuring four bands. It turned out that Bart's guitar did not have any signal, so we are extra happy Martijn de Win played along! The next day we found a video of our performance on Youtube, filmed by somebody in the audience.

(Unfortunately this video is no longer available.)


Radio & TV


Live at Lloyd

We're in the middle of a radio & tv plug period, so we're travelling across the country to play a couple of Tip Jar songs here and there. We played some national stations and some big regional ones. We skipped a night, playing on Radio 1 in Hilversum, we drove to Rotterdam for a full hour of Tip Jar on the great show 'Live at Lloyd' at RTV Rijnmond (first picture) and last Friday we drove all the way to Friesland for the wonderful 'Noardewyn Live', for 3 hours of live radio & tv with 5 bands (second picture).


Newspaper article


Today Tip Jar had a whole page in a big regional newspaper, 'Het Eindhovens Dagblad'.


And finally our new album is here!


Only hours before our trip to Austin, Texas, I drove to the manufacturer to collect the new Tip Jar album 'Back Porch'. Relieved that everything proved to be perfect, including the beautiful artwork design by Julie Sckittone, we started packing for Texas. In the last two weeks Tip Jar played Luckenbach, Gruene Hall and other wonderful venues. We can't wait to play more! Our new album will be released Sunday May 25 in Grandcafé Berlage in Eindhoven at 3 PM.

The line up will be:

Bart de Win: keys & vocals
Arianne Knegt: vocals
Harry Hendriks: guitar, banjo, ukelele, banjolele, vocals
Rinus Raaijmakers: double bass
Joost van Es: violin & mandolin


As long as I've got you

Try out...



Newspaper promotion for our show last night

State of mind - singer/songwriter series in De Oude Rechtbank, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Yesterday we played some of the new repertoire during a concert in Eindhoven. The venue was sweet and cosy, and appeared to be an excellent room to try out some of our new Tip Jar songs. We're happy to say that the audience enjoyed them. We can't wait to go back into the studio again and record a couple more songs for the upcoming album.. Here's a song that is not recorded yet, we played it during soundcheck. We hope you like the idea:


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