Back Porch

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L.P.J. de Win & Arianne Knegt


I wish we had a back porch
And a little sunshine
No real trouble on our minds
We’d drink a lot a beer or sip a bit of wine
And play every record we could find
Sitting on the back porch
Sounds like a dream with the
Dark clouds hanging in the sky
We dream together but we can’t change the weather
So I’m starting to wonder why
Doo doo

Our poor little back porch
Made out of wood
Standing in the snow and rain
Looks like a nightmare, maybe I should leave it there
Somewhere in the corner of my brain
Sitting in the cold
Waiting for the rain
There’s one thing that we won’t get
A genuine back porch, Sunday afternoon with the
Sounds and the smells and the sweat
Doo doo
A cool pair of boots
Won’t grow you any roots
We can’t even fool a blind man
But honey, what do we care? Let’s get another pair
And stumble on the only way we can
If we want to hear a cricket
We’ve got to buy a ticket
And fly to the Texas Hills
I’ll rock your chair, we’ll breathe in the air
Just live without the frills
Is it weird to sing when you hit the right string
But you know nobody’s buying
In our wet little land, flat little land
We just keep on trying