Gemstone Road

Tip Jar

And on vinyl too! Pure and honest original songs about love and life. Recorded in Austin Texas.

‘Never sing the blues’, ‘Rosie’ and ‘Like a child’ were written by Arianne Knegt and Bart de Win. All other songs were written by Bart de Win. Produced by Walt Wilkins, Ron Flynt & Tip Jar Recorded by Ron Flynt at the Jumping Dog Studio, Austin, Texas, USA Mixed by Pat Manske at The Zone, Dripping Springs, Texas, USA - Additional recordings - vocals Jimmy Davis & tambourine Pat Manske were recorded in The Zone Dripping Springs, Texas, USA - Harry Hendriks recorded his parts in Boxtel, NL - Clarinet recorded by Gilad Atzmon in his studio, London, UK - Violin recorded by André van de Bunt in Utrecht, NL - Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering Amsterdam, NL - Artwork Photography by Wil Crooymans - Artwork design by Leon Lenders at Das Buro

Tip Jar would like to thank Walt Wilkins and Ron Flynt for their effortless mastery, sweet friendship, patience and trust, Pat Manske for being Pat Manske and all the great musicians for sharing their talents. It means a lot to us. Thank you Mystiqueros and the Wilkins clan for making us feel at home. We never saw it coming that Texas would become our second home. We love you all and we feel homesick whenever we’re not with you. Special thanks to Harry Hendriks, our string guru and full Tip Jar member.

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    Rosie 3:42
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