1. I Won't Hide

From the recording Back Porch


I've been trying to make it look as if I'm notScared of lying, but this is what I've gotNobody told me that's what it takes But I won't hide, no I won't hideI've been waiting for a simple way to fit inAnticipating on whatever's happeningPassing trains faster than a planeI don't ride, no I don't rideTake me with you to our city of songWe'll fly like the wind to the place where we belongTake the next step, we'll be the talk of the townWe've been there beforeIt can't bring us down anymoreWe've been stalling but what else can you doTo keep from falling when the picture's bugging youSee the sunset, a giant fire flyBut I won't cry, no I won't cryIs this heaven or just a sacred placeWhere I can touch your sanctuary faceWho needs proof to recognize the artist’s loving mindThat never dies, it never dies