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Livestream Tip Jar concerts  

We missen het zingen en spelen, maar vooral missen we jullie! Om hopelijk iedereen een beetje op te beuren en om weer eens te ervaren wat de kracht van muziek kan zijn organiseren we voorlopig iedere zondag een live concert, voor iedereen die dat wil live bij te wonen via deze link: Facebookpagina van Bart 

Er is een virtuele 'tipjar' (fooienpot) via Tikkie, maar iedereen is vrij om daar al of niet iets in te 'gooien'. We hopen jullie digitaal weer te ontmoeten op zondag  van 20.00 tot 21.00 uur. Wees welkom!​ Onze eerdere livestreams zijn terug te zien op de pagina Livestream concerts

We miss singing and playing, but most of all we miss you! We are hoping to cheer you (and ourselves) up a bit and experience the power of music, so for the time being we organize a live concert every Sunday, that will be easy to join live for everybody who wants to through this link: Bart's Facebook page

It's a free show. There will be a virtual tipjar through Paypal, if you are so inclined, but you are welcome to join us either way. We hope to digitally meet you on Sunday. (UK 7 pm - US central time 1 pm) Welcome! You can watch previous livestream shows on the page Livestream concerts


  Foto: Wies van Luijtelaar

Any news about Tip Jar? 

Photo: Ronald Rietman

As the year is slowly getting to an end one might feel the urge to look back on what has been. But we feel like we need to inject ourselves with some new inspiration and excitement. Who knows what lies ahead...? Like our friend Egbert Meyers says: you may find the unexpected behind the next bend. So we've started to write some new songs, some of those are co-writes with our dear friends Walt Wilkins, Bill Small and Ron Flynt. Others started as tiny little pieces of melody or words, or words and snippets of melody together at the same time. It's kind of a messy process. Anyway, these snippets will hopefully, in the next couple of months, evolve into finished songs. And with them we will conquer the world. Or not. But we will at least be playing them in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and in Texas in the next year. Pouring out our hearts to you. Hope to catch you somewhere along the line.


Meneer Frits with full band 

Tip Jar

Tip Jar - De Maandag van Van Meurs. Heuse Americana van Nederlandse bodem, uit Nuenen om precies te zijn. Bart de Win en Arianne Knegt vormen de kern van Tip Jar, een stiekem toch best internationaal opererend gezelschap. Op hun laatste plaat Onward, opgenomen in Texas door hun soulmate Walt Wilkins, zijn zowel Nederlandse als Amerikaanse muzikanten te horen.

UK tour 

Tip Jar at Kirton as part of first UK tour

A Dutch band will be the first European group to appear at Town Hall Live as they take to the stage at Kirton Lindsey next week. Tip Jar is Bart De Win on guitar, keyboards and vocals; Arianne Knegt on vocals and ukulele, and Baer Traa on guitar and vocals.

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