Tip Jar on the roll

During the next few months Tip Jar will do a couple of gigs in all parts of Holland and in between we will visit our friends in Austin, the Mystiquero family, to get some new inspiration, follow the music and see wonderful places all around Texas. In the meantime we are planning to take our music to a bigger part of Europe than the little chuck of soil we've been covering up till now. So plans are made to hit Germany, the UK and maybe Austria to see if there's a bunch of Americana lovers over there as well. We know they're there. They just have to find us, or vice versa. Next to bold plans like this we are still mailing, calling and texting to try to beef up our Dutch playlist. Our new website's online and Arianne's ukelele skills are gradually improving. In other words there is no way around us ;-) Hope to see you all soon!

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