Back Porch

Tip Jar

Pure and honest songs from the back porch.

Tip Jar is a musical project of Bart de Win and Arianne Knegt. After having recorded a couple of duets for Bart's solo albums, the two discovered that their voices blended in a natural way. They decided to create room for a duet based collaboration and that's how Tip Jar was born. Bart and Arianne started to write songs together, and recorded them in a pure and honest manner, always letting the essence and character of the song prevail.

Bart studied jazzpiano and -vocals at the conservatory, but got inspired by americana music, and his interests developed in a more rootsy direction. His jazz background blended in easily. Bart's music has been described as a crossover between americana, blues, gospel & jazz. His band The Simple Life is a line-up of fine musicians famous for delicate arranging and playing. Bart has his very own unique and rootsy sound.

Arianne started singing in bands and choirs during her school days. Later she was lead singer in Marylou & The Good Old Boys, a country and rockabilly band. Since 2009 Arianne is one of the voices of The Simple Life. She has a passion for attending concerts, and regularly writes reviews for the music website Folkforum. Next to her vocal and songwriting contributions she takes care of the promotion of Bart de Win & The Simple Life and Tip Jar.

Backporch was recorded at the Daltoon Studio by Eric van de Lest, with the help of some wonderful musicians: Harry Hendriks, Rinus Raaijmakers, Joost van Es, Tonnie Ector, René van Mierlo, Martijn de Win, Bill Small, Jimmy 'Daddy' Davis & Walt Wilkins.

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